Application for access to Skillsfile

The easiest way to apply for access to Skillsfile is to complete the online application form below. The information submitted through this form will be used to create your system administrator who will be responsible for creating the users and updating information on Skillsfile.

If your centre requires an alternative application method for Skillsfile you can complete the offline application form.

Personal Details
Centre Details
Additional Centre Administrator

An additional system administrator is required to cover any absence or changes in your employment structure, please add their details below:

Payment Details

Preferred method of payment

If credit/debit card payment is preferred, for your security protection we will telephone a designated person for your payment details. Please provide their contact information:

Learner Licences

Please indicate the volume of candidate portfolio licenses you initially require. Subsequent licenses can be purchased anytime by contacting your Skillsfile coordinators on 0300 999 1177 (Option 2).

The current cost for a portfolio license is £17.50 plus VAT. This cost may change without notice. Please refer to the Cskills Library within Skillsfile for the current price.

Terms and Conditions
Additional Support

Cskills Awards has dedicated services available to you when adopting Skillsfile. Cskills Awards can provide training and/or administration support for Skillsfile.

If you would like more information regarding these services and associated costs please tick the boxes below.